UQAM Research Chair in Design for e-Mental Health

The Chaire Diament is the UQAM Research Chair in Design for e-Mental Health.

Founded in January 2020, the Chaire Diament is a research lab committed to excellence hosted by the School of design at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and associated with the Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal (CR-IUSMM). The director is Professor Stéphane Vial.

As the first French-language Research Chair in design in Canada, the Chaire Diament falls within the general field of social design and is part of emerging research in responsible innovation in health. It proposes a new approach, design for e-mental health.

The research program of the Chaire Diament is interdisciplinary and intersectoral. It is based on an integrated approach to design, ergonomics, psychology, computer science, communication, management and public health. It relies on a plural team and partners.

Our vision

To humanize digital innovation in mental health.

Our mission

To create, evaluate, study and promote e-mental health services of high ethical and experiential quality through responsible human-centred design.

Our core valeurs


The Chaire Diament relies on design as a creative force, a facilitator of multidisciplinary collaborations and a driver of social innovation. It is committed to originality, the original, the contemporary.


Rooted in the logic of Care, the Chaire Diament seeks to welcome vulnerability with delicacy. It operates from a user-centred, inclusive and participatory perspective.


The Chaire Diament contributes to the advancement of knowledge and practices. Faithful to the values of research and science, it is concerned with clinical validity and proven efficacy.


The Chaire Diament seeks to limit its environmental impact and develop eco-responsible online services. Committed to web ecodesign, it is a proponent of digital sobriety.


The Chaire Diament gives central importance to the ethical and societal issues of e-health and is part of the responsible innovation in health movement.


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